Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pat Summitt Retirement- WAS SHE FORCED OUT?

          During a press meeting on Thursday, Pat Summitt says she felt "forced out of Tennessee" after her diagnosis of "Early-Onset Alzheimer's".
          Last April, Summitt announced her "on court retirement" almost a year after her diagnosis, but a word from a source says somthing different.
          The source said she had to deal with a lawsuit a friend put on the University's athletic director. Also saying "The legendary coach didn't make the decision to step down on her own". This athletic director told Summitt "she will not be the coach of the team, after 38 seasons". Summitt says; "This was very surprising to me, and very hurtful." During the press meeting Summitt implys that Hart-The athletic director- met with Summitt again saying she "misinterpreted what he said".
            Former media relations woman's sports, Debby Jennings sued the school for age and gender discrimination, and for retaliation. In the lawsuit it says an email was written saying "Hart retaliated Summitt saying she would resign, retire, or be fired". Jennings even point in the fact that "she was fired from her job so a male could run it.". She also said that "certain members of the athletic department wanted to model UT-K's athletic department as a good'ol boys club.".
            The articles efforts to reach Hart for "comment' was unsuccessful.
            What was said in court is unknown. 
            During Summitts career she lead the Lady Vol's to 8 national championships, 1098 wins the most any coach has had in "major-college-basketball history".