Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Basketball "Kicks on fire" 2013

      KD 5's "Aunt Pearls"              Nike Lebron 10's "New York Knicks"       Nike Lebron 9's "Galaxy"


New Basketball Invention!

"Practice makes perfect" but its hard practicing when you have to chase after your rebounds! Now there's a new way to not have to chase the ball! Its called "ShootANDStar Rebounder"!

Research shows muscle memory- (repeating a motion until the body retains that motion) or repetition. "Repetition is the key to becoming a great shooter!" From an article by Michael Hummel "Learning to become proficient at any physical skill involves repetitive practice.". Running after balls can damage the muscle memory in repetitive shooting.

 Eleven year old "Grant Rudin" beat his dads personal record from high school by making 60 shots in a row using the "ShootANDStar Rebounder".

The ShootANDStar Rebounder insures you can shoot from anywhere and the ball will come right back to you. It will also insure that kids will be outside shooting all the time and will love to practice!


Friday, March 8, 2013

A M A Z I N G buzzer beater knocks Mount Vernon out of Championship

With less then 2 seconds to go New Rochelle in bounds the ball to Khalil Edney when he chucks up a 55 ft shot and amazingly it drops in to give New Rochelle a 61-60 upset win over the 3rd seeded Mount Vernon in last Sundays "New York Section 1 Class AA Championship game".

 Go to the website below to view video of buzzer beater.